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  • Headquarter:

    Address: Industry Two Road, Chaobaihe Industrial Zone, Dachang, Langfang City, China

    Branch Office in Xi’an:

    Address: No 3 Fengcheng, Fengcheng Three Road, Xi’an, China

▋Pre-sale service:

1. Communicate with customers in detail, so customer‘s requirement could be get clearly and provide with customer a complete set of reasonable products that could meet customers‘ requirement. 
2. Provide with professional solution and related drawings. 
3. Provide with test reports and site operation reports. 
4. Welcome customers visiting our factory.

▋After-sale service: 

1. Ex-factory test is carried out based on standard test outlines and provide with quality certificate. 
2. Quality warranty is according to the term regulated in the contract: 18 months  from the delivery, 12 months from the day of use. For the nonhuman problem caused by the product quality during the period, KES will be responsible to solve it.
3. When the whole set of system is out of factory, our company will take the final assembly and rinsing test,all the equipments we are responsible will be run in test. Customers may send people for acception test.
4. KES is responsible for self-made equipments, outsourcing parts and related documents.
5. After the product goes out of the factory, KES will provide technical service and coordinate with system joint debugging based on the customers‘ requirements. Carry out the field service in time, send the technician for field debugging(limited for 15 days of the first time,instruct and train operators so that they can operate, maintain, repair and adjust. When the issue happens,  the company will send personnel for field inspection after receiving feedbacks within 48 hours to change the equipment or the ruined parts.
6. Pay a regular return visit of the customers and get the recent using status of KES equipments and get other issues during the usage of the equipment.