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  • Headquarter:

    Address: Industry Two Road, Chaobaihe Industrial Zone, Dachang, Langfang City, China

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    Address: No 3 Fengcheng, Fengcheng Three Road, Xi’an, China

KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing provides complete mud treatment solutions,including oil drilling mud treatment, gas bed mud treatment, geothermal drilling mud treatment, river clearing mud treatment, drilling and waste treatment, we are a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment,KES is awarded with the certificate of API Q1 and ISO 9001,and many advanced patent technology of solids control industry,which have been applied to the domestic and international market successfully with good reputation

Product advantages:

(1)KES products are made of advanced materials with good wear resistance and excellent design. It is specially designed for customers

(2)Product quality is good, stable and reliable, can significantly save money and operating costs, easy to move,Small floor area, economical, compact structure, flexible assembly

Sale process advantage


(1)welcome to the factory field survey, welcome to the factory inspection, we will do our best to provide customers with the best solution

(2) Demonstrate the operation process on site, and provide the best solution for the customer. The customer can then determine the particle size, viscosity concentration and drilling fluid status

Sale: in accordance with the terms of the contract, production progress tracking in time to check the contract on time, ready to change the plan according to customer‘s request, report to the customer order production progress at any time, strictly checking the quality of the products, quantity, and packaging, according to the customer request design specific details, spray paint, according to customer‘s request and shipping, do it without any mistake before delivery, timely delivery time and quality requirements at the same time with the customer

After-sales service :

(1) 365*24H video technical support service, while professional artificial technicians are always waiting to answer your questions or questions

(2) The warranty period is up to 14 months after shipment, and our company provides international on-site installation, training and maintenance services.We welcome and accept your professional staff to our company for further study. Our company provides free accommodation, and is responsible for solving language communication problems

(3) Under special circumstances, our company can send professional technicians to the site within 3 days to help customers solve special technical problems, so as to help each other in business

Company advantages:

Located around the capital Beijing, convenient to visit

Manufacturer direct sale, quality and price double safeguard

TT remittance is flexible and L/C avoids risks of both parties

Strong capacity, equipment and spare parts inventory stable supply