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Recently, KES solids control company has sent a large number of equipment to customers, this batch of equipment includes including oil recovery storage tanks, guardrails, large mud separation equipment and mud separation systems

KES company r & D and production of customized equipment, good quality, cheap price, good after-sales service, is worth every customer trust products

After many years of equipment research and development production and improvement, technology research and development and improvement, now KES equipment has been able to achieve the international high-end standard, can be customized according to customer‘s requirements a variety of mud separation equipment, sludge treatment equipment, we can customize various types of containers, we can customize a variety of models of mud tank, mud tank, we can customize a variety of models of mud separation processing equipment

KES equipment is mainly used in sea oil drilling platform, oil and gas development base, gas drilling base layer, geothermal drilling site, mining mining base, city mud mining engineering, tunnel mud treatment engineering, mining engineering foundation engineering, engineering drilling waste, river dredging project, muddy water treatment engineering, mud separation engineering, mud circulation project, we can according to customer requirements, customized processing mud and mud material

KES products mainly include single screen vibrating screen, multiple screen vibrating screen, mud cleaner, sand eliminator, mud eliminator, mud sieve all-in-one machine, sand sieve all-in-one machine, vacuum degaster,decanter  centrifuge,vertical cutting dryer,centrifugal pump,shear pump,screw pump,submersible slurry pump,jet mud mixer,jet venturi mud hopper,mud agitator,mud gun,poorboy degasser,flare ignition device,flare ignition device,screw conveyor,screw conveyor,lamp,mud tank,drug tank,pipes,walkway,guardrail,tank accessories,sunshade,PAM dosing unit,high pressure flushing pump,jib crane,exposionproof motor,pipeline mixer,customized container,duty room,explosionproof oil heater,explosionproof air-conditioner,file cabinet,electric control system,mud skip,piping pump,vertical fire pump,magnetic driving pump,liquid level meter,liquid level meter,horizontal slurry pump,Mud separation equipment,Mud circulation system,shale shaker screen,and so on

KES company‘s advantages, our company strength, advanced technology research and development strength, advanced level of product customization, after-sales improvement, the production of products after strict testing, can fully guarantee the long-term durability, low price, excellent quality,Welcome to visit our factory. We are looking forward to your visit, http://www.kessolidscontrol.com