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The 200m³/h Slurry Separation Plant produced by KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been installed and debugging and will be shipped to the Trenchless construction site in southeast Asia soon.

This Slurry Separation system (model: KANS200-60, capacity: 200 m3/h, Separated Particle Size: 60 ㎛, Weight: 6125Kg,) is used for pile foundation projects adopting slurry hole/tunnel wall supporting, rotary drilling rig, circular drilling technology; Diaphragm wall project and slurry purification recycling of slurry pipe-jacking construction, with the features of reducing construction cost, increasing construction efficiency.It is a necessary equipment of foundation construction.

KANS200-60 Separation Process:
1. Slurry with soil particles from feeding pump goes through the coarse screen (7) and into the storage tank (3), with solids more than 2mm separated. 
2. The fluid in the storage tank(3) is pumped into the cyclones (5), with solids more than 0.06mm discharged on the dewatering screen (2), and the cleaned fluid is discharged via the cyclone overflow(8) and into the holding tank (9).
3. The automatic level control (10) is to keep the water level in the tank(3) to prevent the feeder pump (4) from running without load or low load.

 1.vibratory motor    2. dewatering shale    3. storage tanks    4. cyclone feeder pump    5. cyclone units   6. spigot   7. coarse screen    8. cyclone overflow     9. holding tank    10. automatic level control