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KES Energy Machinery equipment Co., LTD delivers desander, desilt machine site

KES sand eliminator and desilter equipment customized for customers have been delivered this week. Our products are of excellent quality, durable and reasonable price, and have won the trust of customers all over the world. Our equipment design is reasonable and can meet customers‘ requirements in many aspects,After years of development, all the products of KES company have won the popularity of the market. Our products sell well all over the world. Welcome to consult and purchase

The desander and desilter produced by our company can be widely used in mud purification system treatment in oil and gas, shale gas, coalbed gas drilling, trenchless, shield jacking construction and other fields.Desander and drilling fluid can be said as a hydrocyclone desander (desanding cleaner, drilling fluid desander, cyclone desander, the principle of drilling fluid desander), and is mainly composed of hydrocyclone underflow vibrating screen (linear or elliptic motion mode) of two parts, drilling fluid of cyclone desander diameter is distinguished by different sizes, mainly according to the requirements of the actual capacity of customers to select the appropriate to the cyclone desander.

As a secondary solid control equipment for drilling fluid handling in drilling operations, the deser is usually composed of 8 ", 10 "and 12" cyclones, mainly used to separate solid particles with particle size of 47-76 microns in drilling fluid.It is mainly composed of vibrating screen, cyclone, diverter manifold and electric control system, used for separating solid particles which cannot be separated by vibrating screen.

The 4 "or 6" cyclones are commonly used in desilting cleaners. They are similar in composition to desander and are mainly used to separate solid particles with a particle size of 15-47 microns in drilling fluid

kes main equipment includes shale shaker,vacuum degasser,mud cleaner,mud  separator,desander,desilter,decanter centrifuge,separator,flare ignition device,jet mud mixer,centrifugal pump,screw pump,submersible slurry pump,shear pump,mud gun,mud agitator,screw conveyor,desilter cleaner,desander cleaner,poorboy degasser,anti-explosive lighting, chemical dosing tank,trip tank,Vibrating screen mesh,hazardous waste collection box,filter press, slurry transitional tank,slurry desilting tank,slurry mixing tank,hay tank,screw feeding machine,mud mixing hopper oil sludge treatment equipment slurry vacuum pump,hydrocyclones and so on

KES company is specialized in mud solid control treatment,Customized mud treatment,mud water separation,solid liquid separation,oil and gas drilling mud treatment,coal mining mud treatment,kes products and equipment have a number of international standards of advanced certification,product quality is excellent,welcome customers from all over the world to consult our company,our contact information includes      http://www.kessolidscontrol.com    sales@kessolidscontrol.com