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Recently, a set of solid-liquid separation clean water system KAGYFL20(also called chemical dewatering unit), manufactured by KES Energy, is delivered.


This unit is a solid-liquid separation clean water system. It is strictly manufactured as per the clients requirement and the drilling standard from PetroChina and Sinopec.

Main body of the skid-mounted system

Main body of the skid-mounted system

The whole flow is to separate the mixed mud during the drilling process through shale shaker and mud cleaner,discharge the solid particles and flocculate and deposit the liquid part. The treated clean water will be re-used or meet the discharging standard after professional treatment.

Due to the increasing requirements to the environmental protection industry in each countries, no matter for the drilling waste management from oil, natural gas, coalbed methane and shale gas drilling, or to the environmental management in the trenchless (directional drilling, pipe jacking and shield), sand washing and river dredging, and the rule-making with "zero pollution and zero emissions", all these brings a hard experiencing and challenging to those industries home and abroad. In recent years, every country and each industry pay more attention to the environmental protection. More investment have been made in the design, R&D and production for the environmental equipment from the supplier and also have achieved good result.