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Recently, KES company has sold another batch of equipment,The ZJ40DB drilling rig equipped with mud and solid control system produced by kes energy company has completed the relevant installation and commissioning at a coal seam drilling site in China Shanxi Province, and is now officially in operation.

The system is based on customer requirements, in strict accordance with the drilling standards of petrochina, sinopec to production of mud solid control system.It includes: 2 KAZS114 drilling fluid vibrating screens, 1 KAZCQ270 vacuum degasser, 1 kazj114-2s12n mud cleaner (integrated machine for sand removal and mud removal), 1 KALW452 medium-speed centrifuge, as well as liquid slag slurry pump, sand pump, mud mixer, mud gun, mud tank, medicine tank, jet mixing slurry device and other equipment and accessories

KES received an invitation to debugg, more than a week ago after arranging the relevant issues, technical engineers in accordance with the requirements of the customer to provide technical services and cooperate work on leveling the system, as well as send technical personnel to the management and training of the operator, to operate maintenance, will adjust the level of sihui, won the customer highly valued

This set of systems, through strict customer acceptance, has received customer approval. In accordance with the requirements of the customer, kes can produce a variety of capacity of the mud treatment system of solids, widely used in the drilling of oil and gas wells, dirt does not get to the earth processing and development of KDM, development of shale gas, trenchless design (direction of intersection, sigh pipes, shield), construction of pile, geothermal well, river dredging, etc.

KES manufactures high standard drilling-appropriate capacity forms a full set of dirt solid management systems, excellent product quality, reasonable price, matching contract with J20 to J90 drilling mud solid production and production control system, has been nationally and foreign to every large oil use field, asserts vigorously high quality design, production, service to gain the trust and recognition of customers.