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HDD mud recycling system is used for slurry purification recycle which adopting slurry hole/tunnel wall supporting and cutting-away HDD construction.

HDD mud recycling system is a necessary equipment of foundation construction, used for slurry purification recycle which adopting slurry hole/tunnel wall supporting and cutting-away HDD construction, with the features of reducing construction cost, increasing construction efficiency.



ProductModelEquipmentModelPower(kW)QtyOuter DimensionTank SizeWeightFeature
500GPM SystemKAMS500
(Warping head )
Shale ShakerKAZS113-AHB 2x1.5110000x4024x408810000x2100x189413600120m³/h
Warping head
Convenient for transportation
Easy disassemble for centrifugal
Mud CleanerKAZJ113-1S8N2x1.51
37centrifugal PumpKASB6x5-12J373
Jet FunnelKASLD45N/A1
(Standard Container)
Shale ShakerKAZS113-AHB 2x1.5112192x3390x408812192x2438x408818152120m³/h
Standard Container
Large slurry storage volume
easy installation and disassemble
Mud CleanerKAZJ113-1S8N2x1.51
Jet FunnelKASLD45N/A1
KCMS500Shale ShakerKAZS113-AHB 2x1.5110000x4021x401810000x2100x189415841120m³/h
Compact structure
easy installation and disassemble
Mud CleanerKAZJ113-1S8N2x1.51
37centrifugalKASB6x5-12J 373
Jet FunnelKASLD45N/A1
(Standard Container)
Shale ShakerKAZS113-AHB 2x1.5112192x3390x438812192x2438x219422128120m³/h
High Match
Standard Container
Compact Structure
Strong slurry treatment capacity
easy installation and disassemble
Mud CleanerKAZJ113-1S8N2x1.51
37Centrifugal PumpKASB6x5-12J373
Jet FunnelKASLD45N/A1
KEMS500Shale and DesilterKAZSN125-8N 2x1.7216000x3052x33916000x2100x15448896120m³/h
Low match
Double Layer shaker
Small total size
37Centrifugal PumpKASB6x5-12J 372
Jet FunnelKASLD35 N/A1
2" Fixed Mud GunKANJQ50-3GN/A1


1 Completely purify slurry, effectively control slurry performance, reduce the drill-jamming accidents and improve pore-forming quality;
2 Realize slurry recycling usage and save slurry making material; drastically reduce the waste slurry transportation cost and slurry making cost;
3 The effective separation of soil slag by equipment will help to improve pore-forming efficiency;
4 The slurry closed cycle purification mode and lower slag moisture content reduce the impacts to environment;
5 Safe and easy operation, simple maintenance, stable and reliable operation.
6 Rational design, compact structure, small footprint, prevent dry pumping and effectively prolong the service life of hydrocyclone feeding pump. 


            ModelKBMS200KCMS500/ KDMS500KBMS1000
HDD pulling capacity (T )40~8360~8080~100100~150350~600
Mud pump flow rate ( L/Min )5006508501200~15002500
Mud Treatment capacity ( GPM )150~200200~250250~350300~5001000

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