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Kes company ushered in the climax of market orders this week , customers and we once ordered multiple sets of mud and water separation system, mud purification system, mud storage tank, steel structure support, vibrating screen screen,After years of market postgraduate entrance examination, our products have won the trust of the market and customers. Most customers purchase our equipment in large quantities again. They were satisfied with our products before, so they purchase in large quantities.Here fully explains that our equipment is reasonably priced, has great competitive advantages, excellent design, durable and durable, and the customer has obtained satisfactory results in the process of use

Kes products are widely used in the fields of petroleum and natural gas development, gas bed excavation, mineral mining, geothermal drilling mud treatment, tunnel excavation mud treatment, engineering excavation mud treatment, industrial waste drilling and mining waste treatment,river dredging field, environmental sludge treatment field, national liquid separation field,etc

KES main products are shale shaker,drying shaker,mud cleaner,desander,desilter,decanter centrifuge,vertical cutting dryer,vacuum degasser,mud gas separator,flare ignition device,mud mixing hopper,mud tank,screw conveyor,oil water separator,centrifugal pump,shear pump,screw pump,drilling waste management equipment,oil sludge treatment equipment,HDD mud recycling system,industry solids liquid separation equipment,mud agitator,oil tank,water tank,Custom container,Custom mud tank,the custom camping house,etc

All over the world, The COVID-19 is serious all over the world,Kes hope customers from all over the world can safely through this outbreak stage,The COVID-19 is terrible. Under such circumstances, our company firmly guarantees the product quality, firmly guarantees the delivery date of the contract and resolutely meets the customer‘s requirements.We hope to use our products to solve practical problems for customers, help customers to complete the project well, help customers to carry on the project smoothly,We look forward to the near future, the  COVID-19 virus will leave soon, everyone can continue to develop well, continue to progress

The year 2020 is a special year. Our company hopes that every customer and enterprise can have a good development. We will continue to work with you to build a beautiful home for everyone ideal life and happy life

Finally, welcome colleagues from all over the world, engineering project leaders from all over the world, friends from all over the world, to visit our company, we will warmly welcome you, let you get familiar with our company, familiar with our products, to solve all the engineering problems you face