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On November 25, 2019, KALW452 Decanter centrifuge, Submersible Slurry Pump KA50YZ40-10and supporting components produced by KES energy are about to be delivered to  the cutting-away construction site in southeast Asia.

KES energy in the production of centrifuge adopts duplex stainless steel as the material of drum, the material has better toughness and corrosion resistance, centrifugal casting technology can achieve better dynamic balance, According to different rotating speed, it can be defined as middle speed, high speed and high speed VFD centrifuge. It is mainly use for recycling the barite, removing the fine solid particles sized in 2-7μm, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid to keep the drilling fluid performance.not only widely used in the field of oil and gas drilling,  trenchless infrastructure construction, also applied to the environmental protection of waste processing, river dredging, etc.

KALW452 Decanter centrifuge


1. The straight section and cone section of the drum adopts duplex stainless steel material, formed by centrifugal casting;

2. The drum assembly and other parts is made of stainless steel SS316L;

3. The screw conveyor with wear-resistant alloy sheet protection, which is durable and easy for maintenance and replacement;

4. Wear resistant ceramic protective sleeve for the diversion port of the screw conveyor and the discharging port of the drum to ensure the durability and less maintenance;

5. The adjustable pond height to meet the different working conditions;

6. The drum assembly in the transport with the support frame to protect the bearing from damage;

7. Explosion-proof PLC intelligent electrical control cabinet with simple operation and automation to achieve different speeds for different working condition.