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KES company has been swamped with orders this week, and customer demand is almost at its peak,this week, our company received orders for large quantities of mud-water separation systems, mud holding systems, and dosing integrated mud treatment systems,shale shaker and a large number of accessories

Kes company is a professional mud solid control equipment manufacturer, our production of mud solid control equipment quality, reasonable price, durable, our customers all over the world, every customer can get enough satisfaction from us

we produce professional mud treatment equipment, mud separation equipment, mud cleaning equipment, shale shaker, centrifuge, deaerator, desilter, desilter, mud screw conveyor, mud screw conveyor,mud tank,water tank,oil tank,filter press,mud agitator,vertical cutting dryer,jet mud mixer,screw pump,shear pump,mud gun,oil and gas mud system,dewatering system,drilling waste management system

KES company has a large scale, covers an area of 26,000 square meters, a large number of employees, strong technical strength, we can customize the production of any relevant products according to customer requirements, we can customize the production of products to adapt to any environment, our products are leading material, well-made, durable,our products after-sales service excellent, the price is reasonable, can meet your various needs,Over the years, our products and services, has formed a strong solid control producer brand, won the trust and support of the market,Welcome friends from all over the world to visit and investigate our company, we guarantee to provide you with the most satisfactory products and services

Our company has many advantages before and after sales,
Before sale:
(1) On-site inspection: accept factory inspection by customers, and make effective plans according to customers‘ requirements.
(2) Field simulation: the customer can specify the particle size and viscosity concentration of the material. Our company performs computer practice simulation in accordance with the requirements, and sends on-site viewing video to ensure that the equipment effectively meets the customer‘s requirements

In accordance with the terms of the contract, the on-time production and timely follow-up inspection of contract progress, report the order progress to the customer at any time, strict inspection of product quality, quantity, packaging, to ensure no errors before delivery and timely delivery, while meeting the customer‘s dual requirements for time and quality.

After sale:
(1) 365*24H video technical services are provided, while professional artificial technicians are always waiting to answer your questions or questions.
(2) The warranty period is up to 14 months after shipment, and our company provides cross-border on-site installation, training and maintenance services.
You are always welcome to send your staff to our company for further study. Our company is responsible for free board and lodging as well as solving language communication problems.
(3) Under special circumstances, our company can send professional technicians to the site within 3 days to help customers solve special technical problems, so as to help each other in business.

After years of development, our products and company reputation has won the satisfaction and appreciation of customers, we look forward to more friends to know us, understand us, to visit our company,contact sales@kessolidscontrol.com