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KES transported new equipment to customers,These new equipments includes one set of triple linear vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, one mud cleaner, one medium-speed centrifuge, one high speed centrifuge, ten with twelve meters long mud tank, two suits water tank, one set of storage tanks and one set of oil tank, and sand pump, mixer, slurry liquid slurry pump, jet device, liquid level gauge, alarm, medicine jar, sitting room and other equipment, and walkways, floating platform, guardrail, escalators, gym and other accessories, and explosion-proof lighting and explosion-proof electric control system.In order to adapt the system in different environments, under different conditions of drilling

This set of ZJ70LDB drilling rig supporting mud solid control system was successfully completed and delivered by kesen energy, fully tested our company‘s production capacity, through the customer‘s strict acceptance, won the praise and recognition.In recent years, the solid control system designed and produced by our company has been used in oil and gas drilling and shale gas drilling sites

Our equipment, advanced technology, good design, good performance, durable durable, can meet the requirements of the various kinds of difficult mud solid control system, can deal with a lot of mud and waste, we have a variety of models of mud solid control equipment, spate separation equipment and mud recycling equipment, we welcome friends all over the world to consulting us

KES have the most detailed and comprehensive products , our products include Solid control equipment,Drilling waste management,Slurry separation system,Hdd mud recycling system

Solid control equipment:shale shaker,vacuum degasser,mud cleaner,desander,desilter,decanter, centrifuge , separator, flare ignition,jet mud mixer,centrifugal pump,screw pump,submersible slurry pump,shear pump,mud gun,mud agitator,screw conveyor

Drilling waste management:vertical,filter press,dewatring unit,cutting dryer unit,drilling waste management

Slurry separation system:kans50-30,kans100-60,kans200-60,kans260-60,kans500-60,kbns200-60

Hdd mud recycling system : kams150, kams200, kams350, kams500, kbms500, kcms500, kdms500,kams1000