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KES have exported a large number of shale shaker screen and slurry separation equipment recently ,KES export shale shaker, shale shaker screen,decanter centrifuge quality, reasonable price, advanced design, by customers widely praised,Our exported shale shaker screen can be specially customized according to customer‘s requirements, Our export shale shaker screen mainly includes plate type and wave type,composite frame screen,steel frame screen,Polyurethane gap screen

KES export shale shaker screen main applications of shale shaker including Derrick FLC2000shale shaker,Derrick FLC500shale shaker,Derrick FLC313Mshale shaker,Hyperpool Derrick shale shaker,SWACO shale shaker,venom shale shaker,SWACO Mongoose shale shaker,Brandt vsm300 shale shaker,Brandt king cobra shale shaker,SWACO MD-3 shale shaker,Kemtron 48 series shale shaker,Kemtron KPT shale shaker,GNZS703/BWZS70-3P shale shaker,KAZS112/GNZS752/BWZS75-2P shale shaker,KACNQ250 shale shaker,KACSQ100 shale shaker,KANS100 shale shaker,KANS150shale shaker,KANS200/KBNS200 shale shaker,KANS260/KBNS260 shale shaker,KANS400/KANS500 shale shaker,KANS50shale shaker,KBNS100 shale shaker,We can also produce a variety of models of shale shaker screen, meet a variety of models of vibrating screen mesh replacement

KES export shale shaker screen,can be customized in a variety of colors, including red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, gray, and other customers special requirements of the color

KES products are widely used in different applications and industries such as oil and gas drilling, CBM drilling, geothermal drilling, drilling waste management, river silt treatment, and the modern trenchless infrastructure construction, including tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction and diaphragm wall construction., etc.

KES main products are shale shaker, drying shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump, submersible pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, oil tank, water tank, camping and complete set of solids control systems etc.

KES company is specialized in the handling of mud, the mud solutions put forward by our customers satisfied and appreciated all over the world, after years of development, our drilling mud solution has solved the problem of the numerous customers, and highly recognized by customers, opportunities for all of the previous customers are willing to continue to cooperate with us

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