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Recently, KES company has seen a rapid increase in orders. Many of our customers have ordered a large number of equipment from our company, including shale shaker, mud cleaning systems, mud mixing tank, mud settling tank, storage tank, mud agitator, mud water separation equipment,the elliptic cylinder pollution cans, slime separation system, vehicle-mounted mud dredging system, suit water tank,decanter centrifuge, elevated tank, mud screen separation equipment as well as many equipment accessories and so on

The excellent quality of our products has won the trust of customers all over the world, especially the excellent quality of our decanter centrifuges and shaker screens, which have been exported to all over the world and won a lot of praise

Our company‘s advantages include large scale, strong strength, strong r&d and after-sales strength, the ability to customize products and equipment according to customer requirements, our equipment can meet a variety of demanding environmental requirements according to customer requirements, the quality of our customized equipment reliable, durable, good after-sales,we can customized products according to the production of a variety of customer requirements, welcome consulting us, and our equipment price is reasonable, in the same industry competitive advantage, we welcome counseling

kes main equipment include shale shaker,shale shaker screen,mud cleaner,vertical cutting dryer,desander,desilter, decanter centrifuge,mud gas separator,centrifugal pump, screw pump,screw converor,oil and gas mud system, dewatering system,cutting dryer unit,drilling waste management system,slurry separation plant,mud recycling system,Customized mud tank, customized sludge tank, customized overhead tank, customized water tank, customized mud cleaner, customized mud treatment system,Mud treatment systems and equipment with multiple treatment capacities and so on

What can KES company do?Customized mud treatment, mud mining treatment in a variety of environments, mud water separation, solid liquid separation, oil and gas drilling mud treatment, coal mining mud treatment, engineering drilling mud treatment, tunnel digging mud treatment, coal bed methane mud treatment,Drilling and mining waste treatment, river dredging treatment, customized separation of solid liquid, solid liquid separation of food and medicine industry, starch separation,Soil treatment for urban construction, soil treatment for engineering construction, separation of mud and water, etc

Our products and equipment have a number of international standards of advanced certification, product quality is excellent, welcome customers from all over the world to consult our company,Our contact information includes website http://www.kessolidscontrol.com  Email sales@kessolidscontrol.com