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KES products include

1 Waste management equipment 2 Oil Sludge Treatment 3 Cuttings Management System 4 Vertical Cuttings Dryer 5 Waste Decanter Centrifuge 6 Feed Pump 7 Screw Conveyor 8 Drying Shaker 9 Sludge Vacuum Pump 10 Solids control equipment 11 Shale Shaker 12 Mud Cleaner 13 Decanter Centrifuge 14 Desander 15 Desilter 16 Vacuum Degasser 17 Centrifugal Degasser 18 Centrifugal Pump 19 Shear Pump 20 Mud Mixing Hopper 21 Mud Agitator 22 Mud Gas Separator 23 Flare Ignition Device 24 Mud Gun 25 Mud cleaning equipment 26 Vacuum Screen 27 Oil Gas Drilling 29 Solids Removal equipment 30 Liquid Mud equipment 31 Slurry Dewatering System 32 Tank Cleaning System 33 Oil Water Separator 34 Mud tank 35 Slurry Processing System 36 High Speed Centrifuge 37 Decanter Centrifuge,KES can provide all the solid control equipment, we can provide the best solid control solution, mud separation solution, mud landing solution  

KES solids control solution application  

1 waste oil and water separation2Drilling mud treatment 3 oifiled waste oil recovery 4 Mining engineering slurry dewatering 5 municipal sewage sludge treatment 6 sand water oil sludge treatment 7ore and minerals separation chemical substances, food Waste,paper waste,plastic sbustances recycling and treatment 8 oil and gas drilling ,CBM drilling,geothermal drilling,river silt treatment 9 oil and gas and mud treatment 10dewatering system,solid liquid separation treatment 10 drilling waste management and cutting dryer 11 mud or slurry recycling treatment, separation treatment

project case

For example,oil and gas mud system solution,standard device configuration,shale shaker,mud cleaner,desander, desilter,desilter cleaner,desander cleaner,vacuum degasser,decanter centrifuge,centrifugal pump,shear pump,screw pump,submersible slurry pump,jet mud mixer,mixing hopper,centrifugal pump,mud agitator,mud gun,poorboy degasser,flare ignition device,anti-explosive lighting,chemical dosing tank,trip tank,system volume,tank Qty,KES can provide the fitting based on actual condition of user site or customized systemaccording user requirement