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Petroleum drilling engineering, the development of natural gas, coal gas layer, geothermal well drilling, oil drilling, and drilling waste disposal industry, river sediment dredging area, material through engineering, pipe jacking engineering, shield, pile driving engineering, infrastructure projects, need many professional facilities and equipment, these devices include Vibrating screen, drilling fluid shale shaker, shale shaker, linear vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, industry in addition to the angry machine, vacuum except the qi activity, mud cleaner, in addition to the mud and sand machine drilling fluid cleaner, drilling fluid cleaning machine, except sand cleaner, drilling fluid desander, cyclone desander, desanding cleaning machine, drilling mud, mud cleaner, desilter, drilling mud, mud machine, centrifuge, drilling fluid centrifuge, sedimentation centrifuge, horizontal spiral centrifuge, spiral discharge centrifuge, liquid gas separator, ignition devices, fluid mud device, sand pump, sand pump, shear pumps, screw pump, liquid slurry pump, shear pumps,Mud gun, mud mixer, screw conveyor, oil mining conveyor, conveyor, silt suit water tank, oil drilling solids control equipment, industrial oil tank, mud tank, industrial storage mud tank, accessories, dryer, drilling cuttings dryer, slurry dryer, cuttings dryer, waste rock, horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, filter press, dehydration equipment, industrial dehydration unit, outdoor work suit room, wild homes, camps, dry equipment, drill fluid dry equipment, waste sludge treatment equipment, waste pulp processing equipment, waste mud, mud, sand and gravel processing equipment and mud tank, water tank, oil tank, mixing slurry tank,Waste slurry storage tank, storage tank, mud mud does not fall to the ground equipment, mud mud separation equipment, large-scale project mud sand processing equipment, mining excavation equipment, mining excavation equipment and mud recycling equipment, mud does not fall to the ground equipment, industrial excavation auxiliary equipment, drilling equipment, oil equipment, the latest mud waste, processing equipment, advanced excavation of muddy water treatment equipment

Advanced energy mining machinery and equipment companies in China, KES energy machinery equipment co., LTD has advanced solid control industry machinery and equipment manufacturing capacity, KES has many advanced research and development and professional technology, with a number of patented technologies at home and abroad, to meet all of the oil industry at home and abroad, the drilling industry, mining industry equipment needs, our company insist on quality first, service first, guarantee good service every customer, to guide all the way, good service every customer

Today kes have a batch of equipment to send to the construction site, KES equipment technology is advanced, excellent workmanship, welcome friends from all over the world to consult inspection, many years of industry experience, KES will be able to serve every customer,recently, our shipments are getting bigger and bigger. We sincerely appreciate the trust and support from customers all over the world